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Presentation ideas
by Gareth J Barnard - Monday, 23 March 2015, 9:29 PM

Want to present at iMoot 2015 but stuck for an idea?  How about presenting on one of these areas:

  • Using Moodle in pedagogical research.
  • Combating the threat of upcoming competitors.
  • Enabling participation in courses.
  • Remote learning in the real world.
  • Education on a budget.
  • Badges, how to make, use and value them as an educational medium.
  • How to set-up and use conditional activities and activity completion.
  • The evolution and future of eLearning.
  • The evolution and future of Moodle.
  • Connecting a disconnected world.
  • eLearning for all.
  • Low cost learning devices.
  • Online peer review and assessment.
  • Challenging the barriers to learning.
  • Preventing online bulling in a VLE.
  • Ensuring security of VLE systems.
  • The importance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for educators using VLE's.
  • Providing effective support to non-technical educators.
  • eLearning as a secondary support tool in the classroom.

If any of them have 'sparked' your interest, then please submit your proposal here: