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Hornig Guido

How to use PowerPoint as an authoring tool e.g. for SCORM

Content Type: How To's

Target Audience: Teacher / Course Creator 

Language: English, German

Description of Presentation

Portarit of the Presenter Guido Hornig with headset and glassesThis Presentation is a demonstration of a well known authoring tool: PowerPoint.

But did you know that it can create content for mobile learning as well? PowerPoint exists on nearly every Desktop PC, but it has not the best reputation. Yes, Jedi, it comes from the dark site of the web: Microsoft. The criticism is targeting mainly the unreflected usage with too many text, long list of  bullet points, useless animations and other beastliness.

On the other hand, its still used in education and corporate training. The combination of graphical and text editing together with animation effects and some few event triggered functions offer endless possibilities. It is a full featured authoring tool for "slide based content". Usable at the desktop - but not only there.  

Only Companys use PowerPoint?

Master slides support corporate design (not always supporting learning - but easy to use master designs) and quick changes are easy and there is a kind of infrastructure in classroom training that seems to demand a slide show. Business presentations without slides is close to impossible  - even if there are a number of promising alternatives, like Prezi, PowToons and similar, the PowerPoint-Slideshow syndrom will not go away next week.  Schools have already started to convert classrooms into meeting room with beamer and slides. What do you think teachers use there next year? I guess some don't even think about an alternative to PowerPoint. Good or bad? Depends....

What offers moodle for slides?

Yes - moodle is not a WBT-System. Its more and interactive. Yes, Jedi, from the good part of the web and the force is with us. What do you suggest, if part of the course demands a WBT module? But in moodle, the only chance seems to be an upload/download of PowerPoint. This requires some PowerPoint installation at the client side. Or a user can convert to PDF or images, and loose all animations. Microsoft 360 might offer new possibilities.I will have to look at it in detail.

I was looking last year for a solution to find out how far a student/participant has clicked through the stack of sildes and add a percentage of this to the moodle course report. I found iSpring-Pro.

PowerPoint + iSpring = Authoring tool for Web based learning

And this tools is really amazing. It keeps 100% of the animations and transitions and outputs a HTML5 Scorm-Package, or flash, or both. And it offers tools to synchronize  animations to the audio narration track. (Close to 100% - but I can't find the unsupported transition)
It can fork the flow similar to the moodle lecture module and it has a question module. With a high number of question types.

It also creates an outline, slides can be invisible, a video of a speaker can be added. In iSpring-Suite you can also export the slides together with audio to YouTube. Or output a fully animated  HTML5 slide stack with Scorm cover!

The HTML5-module  is the ticket to ride on a smart phone or tablet.

Packed in Scorm, you get all the results from inside quizzes and the forth come of the student. It can have watermarks or can be chained to specific IP-adresse for licencing the content.

I would be really happy to demonstrate this authoring tool based on PowerPoint.

How to create  PopUp-Windows in PowerPoint?

I will show some PowerPoint tricks like PopUp -Windows and self made Audio-Control Buttons.

Please do not forget to post you questions before the presentation - that gives me the chance to implement the answers very elegant into the presentation.

I can do this in English and German

Added: 2015年 03月 11日(水曜日) 00:02
Last Modified: 2015年 03月 26日(木曜日) 18:07

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