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Indira Koneru

Enhancements to IBS Moodle: Attendance through MIS Reports

Content Type: Case Study

Target Audience: Administrator / Developer 

Language: English

Description of Presentation

We, the IBS (Icfai Business School) launched Moodle 2.3 in June 2012. Moodle implementation was done in a phased manner for two reasons: (i) start simple and progress towards building an integrated system, (ii) introduce simple Moodle modules to faculty members so as to minimize faculty resistance to change. 

In the initial phase, Moodle hosting, customization and maintenance were outsourced with the perception that it would save time, free up internal resources, and avail professional expertise.   However, the outsourced company was unsupportive to release and integrate new plugins,  enhance existing features and upgrade Moodle to the latest version. So, in 2013, we (eLearning Team) decided to customize and enhance Moodle (version 2.5) features in-house as per the requirements expressed by our campus heads, IBS Head Office functionaries and our faculty members during the Moodle training programs. 

In the second phase, the eLearning team had taken up the challenging tasks of enhancing existing features and developing and integrating new applications. In the third phase, our Moodle developer developed an application - Management Information System (MIS), which generates access report, activity report, attendance report (course-wise and student-wise), session progress report and consolidated report (access and activity).

As a Moodle Font-end Administrator and Trainer, I would like to share how the various Moodle enhancements and new applications integration helped us meet our end-users' requirements. 

Added: Wednesday, 1 April 2015, 4:11 PM
Last Modified: Thursday, 2 April 2015, 6:20 PM

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