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In this age of experience, Buzzfeed, Facebook, and Twitter bring us content quickly and hook us in for more. Our devices, operating systems and technologies make this experience seamless, connect us with coworkers, families and friends continuously, and seem to adapt to us right in our very hands. How do they do it? They use one powerful, secret trick: user experience design.

And now you can use it too in your course design. Grab 8 secret tips and wow your learners!!
I'm going to talk about our plans for Moodle over the next year or so, including some big changes.
Miles's keynote explores some of the parallels between the worlds of software development and education. Focusing particularly on the insights offered by agile development and software craftsmanship, Miles looks at how these approaches can be adapted to the craft of learner-centred, responsive teaching with a focus on individuals and interactions rather than processes and tools.

This presentation will explore the proposition that learning outcomes improve as the locus of control shifts away from the teacher and toward the learner. The Moodle Learning Management System allows teachers to give learners the 'play' button, putting them in control of the time, place and duration of access to the source material. Additionally, thoughtful use of Moodle's feedback options can facilitate a shift away from binary forms of assessment toward more nuanced reflective and formative practices. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of how teachers can begin to re-imagine the process of content creation to achieve a working balance between structure and choice in a way that benefits their learners.

An introduction to the Community Software movement and why community will be the focus as software becomes a service.