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Wendi Kirwan-Elliott 'ın resmi
2016 Mini Imoot 24 hrs of Moodling
yazan Wendi Kirwan-Elliott - 25 Ekim 2016, Salı, 12:26

Come and join us! Last chance to present. 2016 Mini iMoot 24 hours straight of Moodling! ONLY $40 USD

pict 1

pict 2

#iMoot16 - two weeks away!!!
yazan Vinny Stocker - 9 Mayıs 2016, Pazartesi, 16:17

iMoot 16 coming soon!Hello iMooters!!

I thought I'd post this on the old iMoot site from 2015 to remind you what a wonderful event the iMoot is!

iMoot16 is coming up really fast, so if you are thinking of presenting ...

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Shane Elliott 'ın resmi
A Big Thank You
yazan Shane Elliott - 2 Haziran 2015, Salı, 14:02


Once again a big thank you to all those who participated and presented at this years imoot. And also a big thank you to the imoot team, facilitators and sponsors.

-- thank you --IMOOT TEAM

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